Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A very weird dream.

I had a very weird dream last night. I was woken up by a knocked on my door. Zara was standing with her bolster and said Zaki woke her up to watch TV. Actually Zaki cannot sleep and since he was scared to watch TV alone, he woke her sister. 

I switched off the TV and got them to their room and stayed up with them until 4am before I went back to my room. That was when I had my weird dream.

My dream started when a young boy, age 5, came to me for help. I was told the boy’s mother was dead and the boy has no one to take care. I was not happy that the boy was abandoned and searched for the boy’s father. I met him but the father didn’t want the boy. The father also told me the mother was actually a drug addict and currently in a jail.

As I was looking for ways to help the boy, I fell into a trench. I called for help and a guy came to help me out. But this guy was a bad guy. He took advantage and touched me all over the place. I was so angry and felt violated.

I went to search for a bathroom to clean myself. As I entered the bathroom, there were so many shower stalls but not curtain or door. And then I saw another guy in the bathroom and I asked him to leave but before he left he made some derogatory remark. I was angry all over again.

As I was having my shower, suddenly the bathroom's wall disappeared. I felt exposed. I quickly get dress and went back to my room. As I walked out from the bathroom I stopped at the fence and looked up to the sky. By this time, it was already dark and I was shocked. I saw a car and few other objects on the sky. The car was moving and suddenly disappeared. I asked few other people who were with me and they also said they saw that.

I was relieved when someone believed me as I also saw something before on the sky but people was just laughing at me.

Then after all the objects on the sky disappeared, I found myself on a truck looking for something. I was not sure what I was looking for but I was with a bunch of people sitting on the back of the truck with me leading them. We were heading to somewhere and then my alarm clock went off.

I just don’t know where I was heading too and what I was doing leading a group of people on the back of a truck. I just don't know but it was really a weird dream. Don’t you think so?


  1. Sounds like lots of discovery to me - and the vulnerability that new ventures bring!

  2. Jeffe,possible but also I feel like the people who we trust are taking advantage of the situation.

  3. That happens, too, sadly. (and so funny - I have never heard of Pizza San Francisco!)

  4. Jeffe, you won't believe it that we have Milwaukee Steak House, California Pizza, California Kitchen and Big Apple Donut ( the donut is much better the Krispy Kreme)