Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Driveathon or Crazython?

Woohoo! I will not be in the office tomorrow. Not the whole day but most of the day I will be away for Driveathon. Yup! I will be busy driving along the Besraya Highway not once but four rounds. If your see two ladies in a black car, going up and down the highway, it will be probably us.

Actually I volunteered to be part of this program to help our company provides a better network quality to our customer. The first year, it was known as callathon and the second year it was datathon where the participants got the chance to access broadband from the specific location.

And this year, it is known as Driveathon where the participants were given specific route to make calls. I won’t be making the calls. I let my other two partners to make call to each other. Heh! I’m not sure what they are going to talk to each other when they have to complete 60 calls within six hours. That’s a lot of story that they can gossip about.

We were given a goody bag as a token to be part of this program. Nothing much but two bottles of water, two cans of drinks and Swiss roll and a piece of cake. I took it home with me last night but I left it in the car.

But thanks to my hubby who always like to check my car (that the reason I don’t have any secret in the car), he took the bag out and left it on the kitchen counter. When I saw it this morning, few of the items were missing from the bag.

I knew it that the kids must have taken it but I just like to make my hubby feel guilty. So I make a big deal out of it but at the end, I have to sweet talked him to take my keys from the bedroom.

I'm  glad that Yati didn’t leave her goody bag with me too else I have to replace the missing items for her.

Okay folks, got to go and let see whether there is anything interesting thing I can share with you on Driveathon.


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