Monday, March 14, 2011


I went shopping yesterday at 1Utama but I was disappointed because the Jaya Jusco at 1Utama was closed for renovation. We didn’t know they are under renovation as we seldom go to 1Utama. That’s is one place that I will try to avoid during weekends or public holidays because it’s always crowded and parking is a nightmare there.

Since Jaya Jusco was closed, we went to Parkson, which was on the other building,  to get something for the kids. For me I was looking forward to go to the MPH bookstore to get some of my books.

Again I was disappointed because I can’t find the books that I want. All three books that I wanted were not available.  My hubby, who wanted to buy the latest autobiography book on Dr Mahathir was also disappointed because it was out of stock.

From 1Utama we went to IKEA. This time we were not disappointed. Hubby wanted to buy table for the fixed line phone. We found what we were looking for and at the same time, I also found my study table which we didn’t plan to buy. But I'm glad I did because I can do my work from my room now. No more sharing with Zaki or Zara.

By the time we finished shopping, it was already 8.15pm. Before we went back, we bought a dozen of curry puff and the kids love it very much. In fact, every time we went to IKEA, curry puff will be always top in their list.

On the way back, in the car, hubby reminded the kids that their hands were dirty and not to touch anything. And then my cute 7 years old son replied. “Your hands are dirty too, ayah. Please don’t touch the steering.”

Hubby was speechless with Zaki’s replied and for me, I just smiled. 

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