Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dinner at Pizza San Francisco

I thought of leaving early yesterday but last minute request held me back until 6.45pm. By the time I reached my car, it was 7pm. Since I already planned with hubby to take the kids out to dinner, I was hoping to reach home by 7.30pm.

Traffic was clear when I left Plaza Sentral but the moment I entered NPE, the traffic jam started. After 30minutes stuck in the jam, I saw an ambulance, traffic policemen and motorbikes and people crowding on the left lane.

“Aduh! Accident,” I said. It was a fatal accident and they are waiting for police to come. “Huh! Not a good day,” I said to myself.  In the morning there was a buzz in the office about someone committed suicide but I don’t who.

By the time I reached home, it was almost 8pm and I quickly performed my maghrib prayer. Kids were all ready to go.

The initial plan was to go to Mohd Chan Abdullah Restaurant who specialize in Chinese cuisine. As my husband turned to the Restaurant, Amir said,”I don’t want to eat here.”

Zaki chimed in and said he will drink water only. When my husband heard that, he continued to drive. When I asked him, he just kept quiet. He kept on driving until we reached Pizza San Francisco. When the kids saw Pizza San Francisco, they shouted, “Yes, ayah! Ayah best."  They love to eat at Pizza San Francisco.

Normally when we were there, the kids favorites are Carbonara but last night only Amir and Zara ordered Carbonara. Zaki said he wanted orange juice only and Syafiq said he didn’t want anything. I know them very well so I order chicken fingers for both of them. For me and hubby, we ordered Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Mushroom. Oh we order pizza too.

For drinks, me and Zara ordered lime special, Zaki ordered orange juice and the rest ordered lime juice. The first food to arrive was the chicken fingers. When Zaki saw that, he said “I'm hungry and I want that.”  Syafiq maintained that he didn’t want the chicken but I saw him eating some.

Zara didn’t finished her Carbonara because she was busy trying all the drinks. After taking few sipped of her drinks, she didn’t want it anymore because it was too sourish. She was eyeing her dad’s drink and so I swapped their drinks. Still the lime juice is too sour for her. Ended up she only drank warm water.

Amir as usual finished his food and in fact ate others food too.  This boy really has a healthy appetite. Need to control else he will be growing horizontal instead of vertical. For my food, it was okay and so was my hubby chicken mushroom.

Nobody touch the pizza and we asked the waitress to pack the pizza and Zara’s Carbonara. Overall, the dinner went well and Pizza San Francisco in Bangi is the nice place to go for family dinner. Parking is easy to get and the area also not so crowded. If you happened to come to Bangi, you can try to eat at Pizza San Francisco.

Okay…Chiao first. Salam. 

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