Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weight Loss, Hobby and Family

Normally I do not make any new year resolution but this year I made 3 and since we are into the second half of the year, I'm gonna make some review on my performance, not work performance but my personal achievement.

So what are the 3 new year resolutions that I made this year.

1. I promised to myself that I will leave office before 6.30pm and latest is by 7pm

2. I promised to myself to do something that I like

3. I promised to myself to improve on my health

How do I fare with my resolutions so far? Below are the result.

1. I only failed in March and April to leave home early as promised. In other words, my achievement is 66.67% of meeting the target. If I hit 75%, I will assume I have meet my target. The reason why I'm having this as my goal is because I have been working like a dog since 2007. I worked long hours and whatever thrown to me, I took it without complaining. So this year, I said enough is enough. My family will come first and I need to spend more time with them.

2. I also have taken up photography and writing as something that I like to do. I have my blog now where I can ramble and write whatever I want. I can proudly say I'm doing quite well in writing. Photography is something that I really need to work on. I can only do this during weekend and currently my weekend is busy taking care of the kids. I wish I can have more time for photography.

3. How do I fare in the last resolution. Totally fail. So far I fail to lose any weight at all. In fact I put on more weight but I have another 6 months to work on this. Wish me luck as this is the toughest of all to achieve.

Do you have any new year resolution? How do you fare with your new year resolution? Wanna share with me?


  1. Malu la nak share.. sebab dah lupa.. he he he.. :P

  2. Kenalah track goals baru boleh success tapi nak lose weight macam fail aje