Saturday, July 3, 2010

Learn about them and believe in them and you will not be disappointed!

Did you watch last night game between Brazil and Nederland? Who did you support? Most of the people I know support Brazil. In fact there has been discussion in my office that Brazil will advanced to final and meet Argentina. Nobody really talk about Nederland. The only person that I know who has been supporting Nederland from day 1 is my 10 year old son, Amir.

He has put his faith in Nederland and has not change his mind eventhough people surround him told him that Nederland will not make it to semi-final. In the last night game, he sat quitely watching the game when Nederland was 1 goal behind and praying and hoping Nederland will score. When Nederland scored the equaliser, he was ecstatic, throwing the pillow that he was holding but did not jump or shout. He was jumping and shouting when Nederland scored the second goal,and looked at me, wriggling his eyebrow, with a look like "Now do you believe me?". I just smile when he did that and when the referee blew the final whistle, he was so excited and cannot sleep. I have to threaten him that if he do not go to his room, no more football for him.

I guess I did learn something from my son. He shows me that we should stick with what we believe. Learn about your team so that you can talk proudly about the team, the player and the track record. That what he did.

For me, I felt disappointed with Brazil but I still have Germany or Spain. Let see whether either one of the team can advance to semi final. Now I need to go and get Nederland's jersey for Amir.


  1. Ateh.. saya pun support Netherland!! Seems like our choices of team are almost the same except for Brazil.. switch that to Italy but too bad, they didn't make it.. But I can feel that Germany gonna win this time... what do u think?

  2. test test test to see whether it's there