Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Books and New Authors

I just finished reading Tessa Dare's Goddess of the Hunt book. The only word that I can say is WOW. That's a very very good book and if you like romance novel especially historical romance, I definitely recommend her book. Currently I'm reading her third book in the series, A Lady of Persuasion and so far it has not been disappointing. Unfortunately her second book,Surrender of a Siren is not available at my favorite bookstore. I wish I can read it first before reading the third book.

Tessa Dare is not the only new author that I found this year. Besides her, the other new author that I found and enjoyed her books is Victoria Dahl. Her first book that I read was Talk Me Down, which was nominated for the RITA awards. Talk Me Down is a contemporary romance from Ms Dahl and it is hot. I also have to say that this book is a keeper. I have yet to read her second book in the series, Start me Up, because I cannot find it here but from those review that I have gather it is good. I guess I have to order it online together with Tessa Dare's Surrender of a Siren.

The second Ms. Dahl's book that I have read was The Wicked West and it is an e-book. She wrote this book as Molly Summers, who is the heroine in Talk Me Down. The Wicked West is one super super hot book and if you like cowboys and western world, which I do, you may want to read this too.

Another Ms. Dahl's book that I have read is the "One Week as a Lover" and this is her historical romance book. This is a good book to read and I have to say, so far all three books by Ms. Dahl are rated hot or super hot. Among her three, I would say that I prefer her contemporary most and I can't wait to read her latest contemporary book's Crazy for Love which will be available at Kinokuniya by end of this month.

I have to say that Tessa Dare and Victoria Dahl will be among my favorite authors like Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rachel Gibson, Lisa Kleypas and Linda Howard.

So if you haven't read any of Tessa Dare and Victoria Dahl, I recommend that you start now and you won't regret it.

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