Monday, July 19, 2010

Networking and Good Food

Today I attended the Service Level and Service Management Masterclass at JW Mariott Bukit Bintang. Normally I would avoid driving to KL downtown but today I decided to brave the traffic jam. Well as expected, it took me 1hr and 40min to reach Mariott.

The training session was good. The instructor for the training is from Australia and the participants are from Brunei and she such a lovely lady, three from Hong Kong but they are not mingling with the locals, one from India and UAE and the rest are all local folks. It is good time to network since most of the participants are from IT background. We shared our experience in managing our partners or Service providers and how we set our Service Level Agreement.

Everytime I attend training outside I always look forward for the tea break and lunch. Since I reached just in time this morning, I didn't know whether they serve breakfast or not but the morning break, the foods were yummy. Mee Hoon, Mee Mamak, popia, roti jala and cakes and cookies were served during the tea break.

For lunch the organizer provided us lunch voucher and we can go to any of the restaurant listed on the voucher. So we went to sea food restaurant. It was okay as I took the sea bass with rice and Kailan. I didn't finish my rice because I normally want my rice to be mixed with gravy.

The afternoon tea was also good. Again they served us with Mee goreng, puff, Dim Sum and few others that I didn't bother to check. The puff was nice and the rest I didn't eat because I was quite full from the morning tea break and lunch.

Tomorrow is another day and let see what will the hotel serves us for tea break. I guess for lunch I will try the Middle Eastern food or Thai food.

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