Friday, June 4, 2010

Now I know you better!

Today, I attended the ISD teambuilding after missing it yesterday. I missed it yesterday because I was feeling dizzy and nausea the whole day. I'm not sure what happened but doctor diagnosed it as due to gas but I know better than that because I don't feel it that way. What happened was that on Wednesday night, I took 2 pills of pain killer and not used to it, I was totally knocked off and zonked out the whole day yesterday. The dizzy and nausea feeling was still there today until 3pm.

Since the program was done in Marriot Putrajaya, the trip is expected to be only 15min but due to heavy rain this morning and my dizziness, I missed the exit and it took me 30mins to reach Marriot Putrajaya. When I reached there, the parking was almost full and I was asked to park in the next building but luckily there was a connecting passageway to the hotel.

Upon reaching the hotel, I went to the Terrace Cafe and joined the team for breakfast. It was touching to see so many people asked me how I feel today and some of them asked me to lie in the room instead of joining the session. CIO also asked me the same question.

Since I missed yesterday session, I have to join the table that has less team members and guess which table have empty seats. The CIO table but I sat accross her and not next to her. I was told that the previous night was very interesting where everyone need to listed out about his/her character and behavior and listen to others feedback about you. So it kind of making everyone know each other better.

The second day session started with video clip on "Who moved my cheese". I have read the book few years back but never really get the chance to discuss it. So this session allows us to discuss on issue at work and how we want to move forward. During discussion, a lot of analogies were used to relate the issues but nothing much can be done as it requires some bold decision from top management on how we want to resolve the issues. Also when the video was shown, it reminds me about Victoria Dahl's mouse which was sick but according to her, the mouse is getting better.

Before lunch, we were asked to identify the level of our interaction with all the departments and we have to identify the positive and negative attribute of each department. After lunch, being away yesterday and most senior team member, I was bullied to present our department points. As usual, every group find out they need to interact with us more because of contract issues and budget. One of the negative points that all departement listed was NO DEPARTMENT HEAD. It is a smack not to us but to CIO as this has been vacant for 14 months and still not fill up.

At the end of the session, we need to work on the improvement plans that we can execute and most of the plans that we need to work are on processes and its turnaround time. But then we may be able to provide the processes but our Partner needs to agree on it. Let see whether this can be deliver.

Overall it is a good session for 30 of us to be away from office and enjoy this session. ISD has been known to be a close knit family and these two days really show us how we trust each other and help each other whether it is work related or personal. Since ISD stands for Integrated Strong Dynamic, we really live to our motto. Yes, ISD!

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