Saturday, June 26, 2010

Football, World Cup and Me

I like football. I have been a football fan since I was 15 and I was Manchester United, Liverpool and Notingham Forest fan. There were many great players during that era such as Kenny Dalgish from Liverpool. From supporting the English League, I slowly follow the World Cup. My first World Cup that I followed was in 1982.

I was on semester break with my sister. The world cup was held during Ramadhan time and both of us stayed up late to watch the game before our sahur. There were so many great teams and my favorite teams during that 1982 World cup were Brazil, Germany, Holland and England while my favorite players were Zico, Falcao, Socrates from Brazil, Michel Platini from France, Karl-Heinz Ruminigge from Germany and few others. I can still remembered when Brazil was defeated by Italy, I cried. I cried for few days and until today, I cannot accept Italy eventhough my son likes Italy.

As I grow older my enthusiasm for football decrease and only this year, I feel like watching football again. Maybe most of my office mates are male and they discuss football in front of me. So for this year World Cup, my favorite teams are Brazil, Argentina, Spain, German, England and France. Unfortunately for France, they were knocked out in the first round and thanks to the players attitude.

As part of celebrating the football festival, my department had a birthday party with a football theme. The cake has a football pitch, goal post, players and ball. We were asked to wear our favorite team jersey. So what did I wear? A black German Jersey and it was the envy of everybody because that jersey is pretty with gold and red stripes.

So, do you like football and which team do you support? Share with me.

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