Saturday, June 5, 2010

How do you find that book? Hot? Funny?

I'm not used to be like before when I can finished three to four books in a week.It will be lucky if I can finish one book in a week nowadays. What's causes the change. I guess it is due to I spend most of my time reading contract material in the office, facebook and twitter. Now instead of reading, I spent my time twitting and facebooking but I'm not complaining.

So how many books did I managed to read this week? I can say that I finished two books. One contemporary and one historical. I started reading Nothing But Trouble By Rachel Gibson on Sunday and finished reading it in on Monday. The book as it is about a famous ice hockey player who is facing the end of his career after he met with an accident. It was funny how he tries to chase away the caretaker that his team hired for him. In this case, she is not a normal nurses but a Personal Assistant who aspiration is to be an actress. I would say that this is a romantic comedy book and the pace is fast. Furthermore I like jocks stories. If I have to rate the book, I will rate it as slightly above average and this is purely my personal opinion and not influence by anybody.

The second book that I have completed reading this week is One Week As a Lover by Victoria Dahl. It took me four days to finish this book. It is a historical romance book and the heroin in this book is not a virgin which is not norm for a historical romance. The book is about a man, who was engaged to a wealthy man daughter and he caught his fiancee with another man a few weeks before his wedding. So instead of staying in London, he went back to the countryside to visit his old friend's family. He was informed that she has died killing herself after the stepfather forced her to marry a man that she didn't like. When he found out that the girl was not dead, he promised not to send the girl back to her parent house and help the girl to look for the treasure. That's where the adventure start. Both the hero and heroin are facing the same demon. He was abused by the the villain when he was young whereas the girl was on the run from the villain as he is known as cruel person. Oh this book is one hot book and lots of hot scenes. Overall I rate this book as average.

The next book, which I only started this morning is Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas and I will provide my rating next Saturday. So Tunggu!!!!.

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