Friday, June 11, 2010

Smooth Talking Stranger

Smooth Talking Baby is Lisa Kleypas third contemporary romance book. This book is about Ella Varner who was dumped with a responsibilities to take care of her sister, Tara, baby. The baby was left with Ella's mother, who was very selfish, and demanded that Ella took the baby away from her. Since her mother didn't want the baby and her sister was missing, Ella was left with no choice but to take care of Luke eventhough she knows nothing about babies. Furthermore her boyfriend, Dane, didn't want the baby.

Ella was informed that Jack Travis can be one of the potential father for the baby and since she was determined to help secure for her sister and Luke future, Ella demanded Jack to take paternity test. Jack denied it as he never slept with Tara but he agreed to take the test. Actually, Jack was intrigued by Ella. Before the test can take place, Ella was informed of her sister's whereabout and who sponsored her sister treatment.

Since Dane didn't want the baby, Ella has to look for new place to stay and when Jack heard about this, he offered Ella to stay at his building. Jack helped and supported Ella in her quest to get Tara and Luke financial support. Jack has also been very upfront with Ella and told Ella that he liked and wanted Ella. It was interesting how Jack slowly wins Ella's heart and how Ella changed her mind on marriage. It is also interesting how Ella who never know about babies, fall in love with Luke and how she developed the motherly instinct.

Eventhough, there is some flaw in the book, but I would say that it is still a good book to read and is also hot. So what is the rating for this book? I would rate the book as excellent and and a keeper.

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