Sunday, June 27, 2010

My favorite teams and World Cup.

It is England versus Germany at 10pm tonight and I am rooting for the Germans. Not that I don't like England but there are so many England supporters in my office and as someone who likes to do the opposite, I loudly declared my support for the German in front of my office mate and bought German jersey.

Well now the World Cup is in the last 16, I was hoping that at least one of the Asian representative will make it to round of 8. Since Korea already lost to Uruguay, it only left with Japan to carry Asian hope to the next round. Eventhough Korea lost yesterday, they went down with their head held high. They fight until the end and that is the spirit that we look for.

I didn't support USA even though my brother in law and my niece are American. If they met Portugal or Chile, I might support them but unfortunately, they were up against Ghana and as a sole representative of African Nation, I support Ghana. At least we have one from Africa continent in the next round.

Who else do I want to see in the next round? Well, I want the following team to be in the quarterfinals. They are Brazil, Argentina, German, Spain, Holland (since my son is the big fan of Holland), Japan, Ghana and Uruguay.

Let see whether the teams I support will be in the next round. Pray! Pray! Pray so they will move to round of 8.
p/s This is the update on last night match. Germany thrashed England 4-1 and advanced to the next round. I was very happy. However the game might ended differently if Frank Lampard's goal was considered in by the match officials. I guess fate is not with England side. Anyway congrats to the young Germans and they will be meeting Argentina in the quarterfinal. Whoever win will be okay with me as both are my favorite teams.

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  1. congrats to germany.and farewell to my fav team england :)