Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ramadhan - my challenges and readiness.

Ramadhan is coming soon in August. It means a full month of fasting for us, Muslim before we celebrate the Eid Mubarak. What is so special about the month of Ramadhan. This is the month where we have to fast from sunrise to sunset and no food, water, sex are allow during that period. You are also required to restrain yourself from talking bad about people, looking or watching pornographic materials or anything resembles to it or reading any material that can arouse you. Whoa the last one will be tough for me where I have to cut down on my romance novel.

Well, before beginning of every Ramadhan, you are expected to replace whatever number of days that you missed in the previous year. Oh boy! I have 14 days to replace for last year and in total I have 30 days to replace because I didn't finish replacing it before. So I have to pay double for the 16 days that I owed and since August is not far away, I better start this week.

This year fasting will be also special for my family. My 4 years old girl and 6 years old son will join us for fasting this time. I don't expect them to fast the whole day but as a beginner, they can start fasting for a quarter of a day, half day, three-quarter a day and finally full day. I have to give incentive to them in term of monetary otherwise, they will not want to do it.

I also hope this year, I can go for the Terawih prayer since my children are already big and will not disturb me during the prayer. I have missed praying at the mosque and most of the time, I will pray on my own. This year I also hope that I can reach home on time to cook for the family for the breaking of fast. I hope I will get my maid by then and she can help to prepare the ingredient.

So what do we get at the end of Ramadhan? We celebrate Eid Mubarak. It is a big feast and mostly everybody will go back to their parents house to celebrate. It is also the time we seek forgiveness from each other.For me, we will celebrate the morning at our house first before we go back to my parents home in Seremban. We will go to the mosque first for the Eid prayer and after the prayer, I will lead my children to seek forgiveness from my husband and then the children will ask forgiveness from us. So it kind of tradition where the young will ask forgiveness from the elder.

On the first day of Eid, my parents house will be full with all seven of us and it is always fun. It is also the time where we catch up with everybody and the children will be the happiest person as they will received money from their grandparents, parents,uncles, aunties and cousins. If the childern is the happiest, then the women folks are the most tired person as they have to clean and cook during the Eid. So are you ready for Ramadhan and Eid Mubarak?

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