Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Precious Precious Moment

I took leave today just to spend my time with my parents. Actually my father has an appointment with his doctor for a followup on his thyroid and cancer and since none of my sibling are free to take them, I volunteered.

Since his appointment with doctor is in the morning, I left home at 7.15am and reached Seremban at 8.05am. When I reached there, they were alrady ready to go. My father wheelchair was already outside plus their luggage. They are spending the next three days with my sister in Bangsar. So instead of loading the thing in the car, I had my breakfast first. It has been months since I ate my mom's cooking. Wow, it was lovely and yummy.

So 8.30 we left for Putrajaya but I had problem loading the wheelchair into my car. Tried the boot, it didn't fit and then has to move it to the back seat. First time loading, the wheel on top and handle at the bottom. It didn't look right and I have to reload it again. By the time I got it loaded, I was tired and sweating.

We reached Hospital Putrajaya at 9.30am and by 12pm we left the hospital. Doctor said my father cancer cells are still there but it has not spread to other areas. He needs to go for further treatment and need to see doctor in 3 months time. So from hospital, we went to have lunch in Alamanda. My dad has never been to Alamanda so he kind of excited and since he has problem walking, I have to unload the wheelchair and what an experience it was.

My dad is big and heavy while my mom is small and petite. So I wonder if I let my mom push my dad, it will be very challenging for her. So I took the task of pushing my dad and at one time, I have to push him up to the travelator and I almost fell but luckily I'm big too. So no problem there. I also bought four books at MPH. Three malay books on Islam and one book by Jude Deveraux's Lavender Morning. The last time I read her book was 15 years ago and I kind of excited to read this book.

After lunch, I took them to see my new house in Bangi. We didn't go in but just look from outside as there are people working on the house. At 1pm, we left for Bangsar, to my sister's house. By the time I reached at my sister's place, I was already travelling 140km and was very tired. I dozed off while watching tv and when I woke up, there were fruits and foods prepared by my sister's maid.

I stayed with my parents watching tv until 4.30pm before I left for Kajang. Eventhough I'm tired but I'm very happy because I got to spend my time with my parents. It is not everyday I have this opportunity and I'm not sure when again I will have this moment with my parents. Thank you Allah for giving me this opportunity.

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