Monday, June 21, 2010

Special moment with my little girl

Yesterday was a Father's Day but we do not really celebrate it. I just took the whole family for a dinner to treat my husband for Father's Day. What I'm going to blog today is not about Father's Day but the special day that I have with my little girl.

The special moment was when it was only between me and her. Her brothers went out with their father for haircut and left only two of us at home. So I decided to take her out not for shopping but for a walk around the neighbourhood.

We packed a bottle of water, me with my iphone since I don't know where my ipod is and also with my brand new Shape-up. We went around Impian Indah and then we walked our way to the schools and back to Impian Indah. While walking around the neighbourhood, we chatted and shared our little secret. She shared with me what she wanted to be when she grow up. When we reached the park infront of the house, we stopped and I let her play there for a while.

She really enjoying herself. From swing to see-saw and then to the slide. She also tried the hanging bar. Since she cannot reached the bar, I have to lift her so that she can hanged there. From hanging bar, we moved to the vertical bar before we went home. I can see that she was very happy.

Once we reached home, I showered her and changed her to pyjama. After dinner, we spent time reading before I tucked her in bed. I seldom get this opportunity where only two of us spending our time together as there will always be her brothers following us. To Zara, ibu sayang Zara! Do you have any special moment with you daughter?

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