Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miserable Miserable Day

It is really a bad day today for me. I woke up at 5am and had my early morning breakfast since I'm fasting today. While enjoying my coffee and toast, I logged on to the internet and what else logged on to Facebook and Twitter.

By 7.45am, I was ready to go to work. I was very happy as I left 45 minutes earlier than usual and I was hoping to reach office before 9am. Five minutes later, I was stuck in the worst jam that I ever experience. I was at the same spot for 15 minutes and what did I do? I read Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts and I was glad that I used the time wisely. After one hour, the traffic eased up and I also managed to finish the book.

I reached office at 10am and somebody from Audit department was already waiting for me. I forgot that I have a meeting with him. We had our discussion and at the end of the discussion I was happy because whatever questions he had, I managed to answer.

Since I'm fasting today, I didn't go out for lunch and used the time to clear up my mail and whatever I have to do. While I was enjoying tweeting with my friends, I received call from my husband that I have summon for my VW Golf. Upon checking online, I was shocked to see that there are 3 summons issued under my name and the total penalty is RM750.00. I felt bad and informed my husband that we need to settle the penalty.

AT 4.30pm, my Surrogate Boss (ooh I have love hate relationship with him), came and asked me to close all the issue on BizKPI. I told him that I'm working on the KPI with my counterpart and he kept on rambling that I need to manage the issue. I told him nobody informed me of any issue and if I know, I would have taken the ownership on it. I just told him that I will take care of it.

So that sum up my day in office today which was really miserable. So how was your day? Want to share with me?

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