Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I don't think I'm ready to stay at home

This is the second day I'm at home. The kids are on two weeks school holiday and I'm only taken two days this week and I day next week. We didn't go anywhere this time as I think I want to spend more time at home with them.So yesterday was the first day that I have to be like all the home-stayed mom where they chauffered their children to and fro from school, groceries, cooking, cleaning and lot more.

My morning started at 7am since I don't have to get the breakfast ready for the kids but there is still one big kid that need breakfast. So reluctantly I got up from the bed. So off the big kid to work at 7.50am and as I was enjoying my time infornt of my laptop, my eldest son told me he has tuition at 9am and need to pick up his friend first. So I rushed to clean the dining table, get the youngest two changed their pajamas and off we went at 8.45am to his friend house. By the time we reached the tuition place, it was already 9.10am. Since the place is not far from Giant, I decided to treat the other three kids for breakfast at Restaurant IBM.

After breakfast, we did some grocery at Giant and mainly the items were for me, and by the time we finished groceries it was 10.30am. When I reached home I remembered that my laundry was still in the washing machine and it was waiting for me to hang it to dry. After laundry, the next task was to bathe my girl and son and followed by preparing lunch. I was so engrossed with the house work that when I looked at the clock, it was showing 5min to 12pm and I have to pick up my son. So another rush to pick him up.

By the time we finished our lunch, cleaned it up, I'm already tired and wonder how the home stayed mom has the energy to do all this. It seems working in office is much more relaxed than being a fulltime housewife and mom.

Since there is nothing much to do in the afternoon, I thought of taking a nap but the noises from the kids playing is enough to drive me crazy. Instead I locked myself in the room and happily spent my time reading "Smooth Talking Stranger" By Lisa Kleypas and enjoyed it so much. At 4.30pm, went down to prepare for tea as normally my kids will have something during tea time. By the time my husband got back from work, I told him to order something for dinner. Luckily he was okay and we had Pizza for dinner. After dinner, I sat down with the kids to do their homework and by 10pm, I felt exhausted already.

I really salute those fulltime housewives and mom. Now I know how my mom felt when she took care the seven of us. After yesterday, will I want to be fulltime housewife and mom? I don't mind if I have maid to help me. Yeah talking about maid, mine is coming soon. Yes!

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