Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shape up!

I heard of Shape-up sneakers few months back on twitter but didn't bother to check on it. However few days back, on twitter, someone tweet saying that her butt and thigh and calf mucscle has improved tremendously after using Shape-up sneakers after a few months.

Based on that tweet recommendation, I googled up Shape-up and found out Skechers has Shape up for sneakes and flip-flop. I quickly informed Yati of this product and we decided it is a good buy.

So on Thursday, I was in Menara Maxis for meeting. After meeting, I decided to go and look for Skechers. First, I went to the sport shop next to Kinokuniya and they didn't have Skechers. Then I went to one floor below and none has Skechers. After searching for 20 minutes, I decided to go to Parkson and the first thing that I saw at the sport's corner was Shape up. Wow! my lucky day I said.

So after trying a few models, I bought a gray Shape-up sneaker and a brown tone-up flip-flop. I told the Sales Assistant to pack my old shoes and I wore the new sneaker. Well, I was poorer by RM600.00 but for something good I don't mind.

Did I find anything difference when wearing Shape-up? Definitely! and these are only after 2 days wearing it.

  • I normally have backpain when I carry my laptop from the parking lot to my office which is about 7 mins walk. But after wearing Shape up, I don't feel the pain.

  • I normally slouch when I walked but with Shape up, I stand straight and this is feedback from my friends

  • I felt my muscle at my butt and thigh are little bit sore as if I was doing exercise.
Okay for now. I will update more on Shape up in a month time on my progress. In the meantime, if any of you have Shape-up sneaker or flip flop, you may want to share with me on your observation.


  1. do keep me updated about shape up! Alas, there might be some hope yet, for us all, Hooray!!!

  2. this sounds really good.heard bout this for the first time.wonder if i could find any in kch eh?

  3. Yes, this is something good for us who has no time to go to gym.

    Alicia, cari kat big stores mesti ada

  4. I will get my hubby find this one for me. Thanks Zai u give us some update. Hopefully my back pain beransur pulih.