Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wow! What a day!

Yesterday, I was kind of feeling a little bit low. I had a very bad cough and cold and basically has no mood to work. However my day was made better by my twitter friends. I was with three different tweeting groups - 1) discussing about books and authors, 2) about life and weather in general -3) no specific subjects.

Whatever being discussed at that time, I found it very interesting. No only I participate actively in the discussion, I also followed some wacky conversation by others and there were also a lot of comment on LOST. Well, frankly speaking, I never watch LOST.

In the afternoon, I received a comment from someone saying that I looked cute and happy. Wow! It really make me happy. Anyway I am always happy but not sure about cute. I believe if you are happy, anything surrounding you will be happy too. Yes, law of attraction.

Then I received text message on my phone. Someone of age 25 wanted to go out with me. Hmmm..that's not good and I wonder how he got my number because only my friends and family have my number. Nobody else have my number. Being sensible person, I declined.

When I reached home, my kids were so concerned when they saw me coming home early than usual. My cute little girl asked, "Ibu demam ya?" and put her hand on my forehead. "Betul la Ibu demam," she said and asked me to rest.

Wow that really made my day!

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