Sunday, May 16, 2010

Around Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

The last time I went to Kota Kinabalu, it was 8 years ago for business trip. Last December, I took my family to Kota Kinabalu for vacation and it was 4 days 3 nights trips. We stayed at Le Meridian Hotel,which is located in the middle of the town, and was given a room with sea view. The view was fantastic especially in the morning when the sunrise.

We took the 2.30pm flight from KL and reached KK at 5pm. By the time we checked in the hotel it was almost 6pm. The hotel staff was very helpful and I'm very grateful that they were able to accomodate our request to upgrade to bigger room that can fit all of us.

Since the hotel is in the town center, food is not a problem , if you are not choosy. But in our case,my Sayang is little bit particular about food and we end up eating MacDonald that night.

Next day (Day1), we went to Tuaran to visit my husband's relative but before that the kids wanted to go for swimming. So I let them enjoyed their time in the pool while I enjoyed my quite time in the room alone, reading while my Sayang went out to buy something. Since Tauran is 45mins away from KK, we hired a taxi to take us to Tauran and my dear Sayang only booked it for one way trip.

We reached Tauran around oneish and as our Malay customary, my husband's auntie has prepared something for lunch. We stayed there until 4pm and and by the time we left,it was about to rain. Since the taxi has left, we have no choice but to take a public transport. Oh boy, the last time I took a bus was 15 years ago. So we waited at the roadside and instead of bus, there was a minivan. For 8 seater van, they converted it to fit in around 14 people. Well we have no choice so we climbed in and as expected,the inside was bad. The seat was hard, the floor was dirty and the van itself was old. I prayed that we reached our destination safely.

Next we need to get another transport back to KK. There was no taxis around at the station so we have to take another minivan but this one is slightly better than the previous one and the time taken to reach KK was also longer. It was raining heavily throughout the journey and when we reached KK Town, we need to take another bus back to hotel. This time, it was a big and new bus but crowded. You can just imagine how it was when all the windows were closed, with full load of people.

The following day, we decided to go to Mount Kinabalu (the highest mountain in South East Asia) for a day trip. Well, it took us 2 hours plus to reach the base of Mount Kinabalu. The weather was cold and the scenery was beautiful. Throughout the journey, I can see a lot of churches compare to KL.

We didn't stay that long at the base of Mount Kinabalu. Some people went for jungle trekking and if you are fit, you can also climb up to the peak. From Mount Kinabalu, we went to Hotspring which only a few miles away from the base of Mount Kinabalu. As we went downhill, the temperature also get hotter. There were lot of people swimming there but we only stayed for less than an hour coz it was too crowded for my liking.

The following day, we just spent our time in KK town itself and let the kids spent their time in the pool. We also went to the Fillipinos Market where they sell sea foods like dried anchovies, dried salted fish, fish crackers and others such as pearls, T-shirts and some souvenirs.

It was fun and very relaxing vacation and the kids also know when to leave their parents alone.

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