Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time to change....

Happy Labour Day! Since it falls on Saturday, it doesn't make any different to me. I didn't get any extra day off if compare to my friends in the blue team. Well, they are still half green and half blue and I guess it will takes years to totally remove their green DNA.

Well, it's already one year one month since we completed the outsourcing. It was one hell of a project. I was asked to be PM for the project when the previous PM left. WoW! Instead of having one month of handover, I only have two days of handover for such a big project. Initially, I was under a lot of stress as there were so many things I need to know and responded to. I work late hours just to catch up on the projects, sacrifies my time with family and friends, forego my Raya holidays, but at the end, I made it. I can proudly say that I beat the odd. Nobody believes that I can pull it through. This was acknowledged by my counterpart from the blue team.

By completion of the outsourcing project, it means ISD lost most of the people. I feel sorry for my friends, especially my best friend,TBP, and my ex-staff because it means the end of their career with the green team and the beginning of their career with the blue team. From 170 people in the division, 37 were selected to stay behind. The rest were given an option to join the blue team or transferred to other division.

It also meant a new role for me. From Operation to Contract Management. From action lady to supporting lady and this is killing me. I don't really enjoy doing my new role. I just told my "Surrogate Boss" that the new role is "very very exciting" and I will give one more year before I made my move. He was shocked. I told him to get my boss in otherwise I will say goodbye. Just to give him pressure so that the management will expedite the search for "The ONE". While they search for the candidate, I'll better start updating my resume. Anybody looking for IT Consultant with Vendor and Outsourcing Management experience? I'm available with the right incentive.

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