Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Around the World-Gold Coast Australia

It's supposed to be a fun and relaxing trip but it didn't happened that way. Here are the 10 reasons why I didn't enjoyed my vacation in Australia.

1. When you travel with 3 boys under the age of 12, and the youngest was 13 months old, it meant that I will be busy taking care of them instead of enjoying my vacation.

2. Three days before we fly off, I found out that I was eight weeks pregnant. I was lucky that I do not have morning sickness but I was tired the whole time in Gold Coast.

3. We accidentally left Zaki shoes in the car and he travelled all the way to Gold Coast wearing socks only.
  • 4. We have very early morning flight and need to be at the airport by 6am, and getting these boys to be up at 4am was very challenging.

5. Zaki threw his pacifier during the flight to Gold Coast and he was cranky throughout the flight. With no extra pacifier to soothe him, you can just imagine how I felt.

6. We were the last group to disembark from the plane as we were busy searching for Zaki's pacifier.

7. We reached Brisbane at 8pm and the weather was cold as it was winter in Australia. Tired, hungry and with small kids, we were taken to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Since I'm very particular about food, I only ate very little.

8. Our camera battery ran-out when we at Universal Studio and I have to use my P901i phone camera to snap the photo.

9. Can't enjoy all the rides because of my condition.

10. Didn't get to shop as much as I like.

When we reached home, I told my husband that until our kids are big enough and independent, there will be no travelling overseas. If we want to travel overseas, it will be only the two of us or me alone. You know what was his responsed? Urgh and I assume that he agreed with my suggestion. So I'm planning my next vacation without him and kids. Do you think I will make it? Let's see.


  1. Really? So bad idea I think to travel around this time with Mika and Sandra.

  2. Yup especially when yours are very young. You will not enjoy it.