Monday, May 3, 2010

Lunch - Where are we going?

It always a problem when it comes to lunch for me and my lunch partners, Bee Poh and Yati. When the three of us are together, sushi is out as I don't like sushi and Subway and Swiss Oven are out as Bee Poh doesn't like sandwiches. So what are the options or our regular hangout at Sooka Sentral?

Our favourite hangout is at Chilli Expresso. This place is a favourite hangout for the local and expatriates. The place is always pack and if we want to eat there we have to leave a little bit early before 12.30pm. Chilli Expresso serves Western and Asian foods and they have Durian Cake for dessert which is very good. Normally I will have Nasi Ulam with fried chicken or Mee Mamak or Mee Hoon if I'm really hungry. If not, I will have Pizza or Chicken or Beef Pie or Mango Jacima Salad. My favourite drink is Ice Cappuccino.

Second favourite hangout is at Zen. Normally when we are at Zen, we will have soup, salads or fish and chips. Their food is average but they have varieties of cakes for desserts. Coffee at Zen is not as good as at Chilli Expresso but their limau kasturi drink is good.

If these two restaurants are full, the next options is Kelantan Delight where it servers an authentic Kelantanese food. We normally eat Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang or Nasi kukus when we are there. Their teh tarik and kop tarik are serves slightly different than other places and we normally will end of lunch with either a glass of teh tarik or kopi tarik.

If we wanted to have Indian food for lunch, there is Kabul restaurant next to Kelantan's Delight. Normally we will have Chicken Tandoori with Garlic Nan and a glass of Teh Masala. Killiney's Kopitiam is another place that we will go if we wanted Malaysian food. It serves Chicken Curry, Mee Siam, Mee Ladna and Curry Mee. Normally I will order Chicken Curry with Teh Cham. Since it serves Malaysian food, you will find that the place is always pack and if we want to go to Killiney, we have to leave office at 12pm sharp or after 1.30pm. I guess it is popular not only they serves Malaysian food but also because the food is much cheaper compare to the other restaurants.

However, if Yati or Bee Poh are not around, I will normally packed my lunch from the food court and my favourite food from the food court is Nasi Kukus. The rice is pack with three different kind of curry, chicken curry, fish curry and pecheri nenas pineapple curry) and I have the option of having fried chicken or dried cuttlefish sambal together with the rice. This will only cost me RM6.00 and it is the cheapest among the other places.

So how much do you think it cost us to have lunch at this places? On average, it is around RM 20.00 and in a week it will cost me RM100.00 and you know how much for a month. Hmmm I should start pack lunch from home. At least I can control my diet. What do you think?

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  1. If you can afford it ..why not ? No harm in eating the food we enjoy what ...ha ha ha - shiam