Friday, May 14, 2010

Help! I'm clueless...

"Zai, I need you to back me up in the next two weeks," said CL.

"Me? Backing you up? You trust me managing your budget?," I said

He laughed but he has no choice. So he piled up my in-box with all his tracking files.

"Do you have access to this module?" asked CL.

"Hmmm guess so but I forgot my password. SJ what's my password ah?" as I turned and look at SJ.

"It's arzaiXXX," said SJ

So I had 30 minutes briefing and handover to do SAP and budget for the next two weeks. I said to myself, this going to be disaster. It is as good as me going in doing operation on someone. I have no idea about finance at all.

I hate finance. I suffered for 3 months last year when they asked me to manage the division budget while waiting for CL to join. The day he stepped in and said hello, I dumped the whole thing on him and never bother to look at it again until today. I was hoping Madam CIO will not asked any financial related information from me in the next two weeks, otherwise, I will die standing.

And today I also received an email from my "Surrogate Boss" on what sort of training I need.

"Wow!", I whispered to CL. "Look after one year now only they asked us?"

So I replied him back and said (1) I need training on Service Level Management - Advanced training on how to improved and managed SLA. (2) Please send me to conference on SLM. (3) Send me to site visits to other Telcos (outside Malaysia). (4) Send me to contract management training and seminar.

He further sent me email, please elaborate how this can be achieved. I replied, (1) send me to oversea training or conference where I can meet other people from this industries and (2) sign me up for Diploma in Law classes. I'm just trying my luck here. Who knows that they will send me to oversea to attend all these conferences.

You see, I'm alway an IT person. Give me anything technical, I will ace it. Give me contract, I will stare it and give me finance, hmm...I will screw it bad, beyond help.

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