Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old songs, me and memories

Has it happened to you that when you heard a song, it brings back old memories. Well I have few songs that do that to me like Blue Bayou or Desperado by Linda Ronstadt. Every time, I heard these songs, whether I'm driving or doing my work, it automatically bring back good old memories when I was in still in school and staying in my kampung.

I can still remember lying on the floor next to the record player (yeah! this is the era when there is no walkman, CD or iPod) with my school book next to me listening to the songs. I also remember clearly the laundry hanging outside my house, the rambutan tree in front of the house, the mangosteen tree next to it and the pictures hanging on the wall. Whenever I remember this, I feel very calm and relax. Not sure why I have this feeling.

Another song that will bring me back good and happy memory is "Knock Three Times". This song reminds me of the time when me and my cousins performed to our great-grandmother pretending that we are rock stars and we were only 5 years old at that time. I also can't remember how do I know this song. Must be from my older brothers.

"Stairways To Heaven" is another song that bring back good memories. This time, we were in the living room after dinner at our home in Port Dickson. My brother, Zahir, myself and my sister,Amy, will pretend to be the Led Zeppelin band members. We will choose who we want to be, and normally I will be the drummer, and my sister Jimmy Page, the guitraist and my brother Robert Plant. It reminds me how close we were once before we have our own families and I have to thank my brother because of him, I become a hardcore rock and blues music fan.

"Sara" by Starship is another song that bring me back to US.. Everytime, I heard Sara on radio, it reminds me of my time in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where I'm sitting in the living room with my physic book open and watching MTV. Sometimes, when I heard this song, I will tell my children of my 2 and half years experience in US as a student. Not to brag but just to inspire them to excel in their study so that they can study abroad like their ibu.

Do I have any song that bring back bad memories? Yes, I do. Hujan by the late Sudirman is the only song that bring back bad memory. It reminds me of my fight with my boyfriend. When the DJ was playing the song, I was sitting alone in my room thinking about the fight and outside was raining. We broke off not long after that. Sometimes when I heard this song, I wonder what happened to him.

Do you have any songs that bring back the good or bad memories?


  1. Love this post! Especially the part about your performance to uwan (which one?) and Led Zapellin. I think there are many memories that you can share with us 'younger ones'. You rawk la!!!

  2. Kak Yong, thank you. I can share the memories with you but make sure you have coffee and cakes. The Uwan here is actually refers to your great-great grandmother - Uwan Munah.