Friday, May 21, 2010

Cry No More

That's the title of the book by Linda Howard. This book has left a deep impression on me cause I can connect with the character. It is about a mother losing her new born baby through abduction and sold by syndicate to childless couple. As a mother, I can relate to her pain on losing your child.

I didn't buy this book. I borrowed it from my friend. We always shared and swapped our books and if I want to read anything from Linda Howard, JR Ward, Judith McNaught, she will be the person I will go to but now, she has moved to Australia, I will miss this and her too.

Okay back to the book. I read this book 6 years ago but I can still remember most of it. How she continued to look for her lost son, how supportive of her ex-husband, her reaction when she found her lost son but didn't approach the boy. And the most touching scene when years later, the long lost son came to visit her. When I think about this scene, it bring tears to my eye. In fact, when I was reading this book, I was crying most of the time. My Sayang asked me why I'm crying and I just showed him the book. He just shook his head.

Besides Cry No More, I have few other books that I can still remember very clearly. Like Susan Elizabeth Phillips Nobody Baby but Mine and This Heart of Mine. When I read Nobody Baby but Mine, I was travelling back from Seattle and I finished the book before I reached KL. Again, I cried when I read this book.

Other books are like LaVern Spencer's Hummingbird and Vows, Nora Roberts' Valley of Silence, Carnal Innocence and Sea Swept, and Susan Wiggs' Snowfall at Lakeshore. Most of these books are contemporary except for LaVern Spencer.

I can re-read these books many times and every time I read them, it will leave me with the same feeling. I hope I will found few more books in my TBR list that cause the same reaction from me. I will let you know, if any.

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  1. I cried buckets for days when I read Khalid Hosseini's The Kite Runner. It's a really great tale set in Afghanistan. I highly recommend it.