Monday, May 10, 2010

Facebook and Twitter Equals to Cyber Friends

Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have created big impact to so many people at so many levels. Some people use it for business, some use it to promote their products, some use it for social networking and some use it to stalk others. I never been a fan of Myspace but I have no problem accepting Facebook and Twitter. Not sure why I'm not interested in Myspace even though my sister has been telling me the good thing about it (that is before she converted to Facebook). For me, Facebook and Twitter are the tools that I use to reconnect with my old friends and also to follow others that I admire.

I used Facebook mainly to get connected with my friends and to follow some of my favorite authors such as Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Eloisa James, and few others. Facebook also allows me to create a photo album that I can share with my family and friends. Not only I have local friends in Facebooks, I also have international friends from India,Turky, UK, Australia and US. Where do I get these international friends? Some are my friends that I know personally but some are Farmville and CafeWorld friends. I don't know them but they request to be added just because they wanted to be my FV or CW neighbours. I told my office mate that my facebook homepage is updated 24x7 where daytimes mostly will be updated by my local friends, evening will be by those from Europe and nightime will be from US.

Since my homepage will be full of updates from Farmville and Cafeworld, I normally use my iPhone to filter updates. This is very handy tools and sometimes when I woke in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep, I just reached my iphone and launch the FB apps and starts reading the updates. Mostly the night updates will be from those authors that I follow.

If Facebook is where I get connected with my friends, I use twitter mainly to follow writers. I like to follow them cause they are witty, informative and they are willing to share information on their profession and their life as an authors. It is also fun to follow their tweets and I found out that sometimes it really help me to get through the dull and mundane job that I have here. Since most of these people live in US, most of their tweeting will be happening at night. However I can still follow their tweets in the morning before they say goodnite.

Since most of my local friends have not embrace the world of twitter yet, therefore I'm pretty safe if I want to rant about them especially about my bosses. I can't do that on Facebook because they are listed as my friends and if I rant against them, they will know. The one person that I can confirm which is not listed as my friend on Facebook or following me on Twitter is my dear hubby. So he never knows what I update on Facebook or Twitter.

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