Sunday, May 30, 2010

I want my Prince and I want my Ogre too!

Friday night was our movie night. We do not have a regular movie night or day but when the mood strikes, we will hit the cinema. Since Friday was a holiday, we decided to take the kids to see movie but it was between Iron Man, Prince of Persia and Shrek.

Dear Sayang went to book the ticket but Iron Man show times doesn't suit us as the show starts at 7pm and it clashed with the Maghrib prayer. So DS called and asked that the other two options were POP and Shrek. So I asked the 3 boys whether they wanted POP or Shrek. All of them wanted to watch POP including me. The only person who wanted to watch Shrek was DS but majority rules so he bought POP's ticket for the 9.30pm show.

I was worried because the show starts at 9.30pm and it means bedtime for my little girl. So to make sure that they can watch the movies, I told them to take a nap. So I asked my two boys to go to their room and took my little girl with me. Thirty minutes later I was in the lala land but my little girl sneaked out from the room and joint her brothers playing. So the Ibu got a nice afternoon nap while her kids were playing in the other room.

Since I didn't tell them what movie we will be watching, the kids have been making an assumption that they will be watching Shrek. We had our dinner at Mines and head to the cinema at 9pm. The kids were all excited especially my little girl because to her, it means popcorn. So we bought 5 pack of popcorns and waters and went inside at 9.20pm. As normal, the sitting arrangement will be me at aisle, followed by my little girl, my DS, my 6years old, and 10years old and then my eldest son. As anticipated, my little girl made a trip to toilet twice and since it was already late night both she and Zaki were getting restless. They started playing at the aisle, walking along the aisle and lie down at the aisle and disturbed me. Luckily, I was able to focus and didn't miss much.

Well, overall the movie was good and I like it especially Jake Gyllenhaal. I like Jake Gyllenhaal! The movie pace was fast and interesting and it has element of romance which I like. The kids also agreed that the movies was good and they enjoyed it very much. They are also looking forward for their next movie outing. Since the school holiday is coming soon, I guess I will take them to watch my favorite Ogre.

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  1. ami abdul rahmanJuly 2, 2010 at 7:57 AM

    That is why i always make Tim take the aisle seat, so Mi tak payah bawak budak gi toilet..hehe