Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh! I can't wait..

Villa Seroja - before renovation

I'm so looking forward to move to my new house in Bangi. The initial plan was to move in March during the school break but the house is not ready. From March to April and now May, I have no confidence the house will be ready by June either. So I can only hope it will be ready before Ramadhan and we can celebrate our Eid Mubarak at the new house. Hmm... my office mates have different agenda when they asked me when will I move to my new house. Well, I know what they are waiting for. Yeah! they are waiting for an invitation to my open house/house warming party.

Below - Current house in Saujana Impian

Even though I'm looking forward to move to my new house, it also mean that I'll be leaving Saujana Impian, my current house and neighbors. I have been staying here for 12 years. When we first moved, there was no shops, no clinics or supermarket in our neighborhood. But today, it will just take me 5 minutes walk to reach 7-Eleven or other sundry shops, clinics and restaurants. The primary and secondary schools are also within walking distance. Tesco and Giants are only 1 km away from my house. So why am I moving to a new place?

Below- view from my current house

Well, I need a bigger place. My kids are growing up and they are very active. They need bigger space to play and to release their energy. Currently they spend most of their time in the living room where they play all sort of games from badminton, football, wrestling and other silly games that kids play. Sometimes they get very creative and they will start using whatever in the living room as their toys. Because of this, my living room is empty. I only have my sofa and tv there. No other things can be found in my living room. My current kitchen is also small and I didn't enjoy cooking in my kitchen.

So after years of living in this environment,it can be very depressing. I need new enviroment, new challenge. So I hope that I will find joy in making my new house as homely as possible and my kids will have more space to play and get creative. Oh! I can't wait.

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