Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sports - Bring back the old way!

Today I attended Zara and Zaki sport's day. It was just a small gathering for these kids to show their talent in sport but those who got excited were not those kids but their parents. It seems the parents are more kiasu than their kids. That's they way it is now in our society.

When I was young, sport day is a big thing to us. Everybody will be involved whether they took part in the event or just as a supporter. Days before the sport day, there will be selection by the teacher. Everybody will be asked to attend the tryout and once you are chosen, you were expected to turn up for training. I guess I spent most of my time on the field rather in the class but when you were young, you only know how to enjoy.

So for those who are not involved in the event, you are expected to contribute your time to decorate the houses because the most beautifully decorated house will win a prize. Well the houses were know as BLUE HOUSE, YELLOW HOUSE, GREEN HOUSE and RED HOUSE. There no such thing as WIRA, SAGA, HANG TUAH, etc. Simple and easy to remember.

So based on your house theme, you will decorate accordingly but most of the time, people will go to the jungle to pick ferns and wild flowers to decorate their houses. Hoops, manila cards and crepe paper will be used to decorate too. Hmm...what a memory!

There will also be marched past where participants will march infront of the people and dignitaries. There were also prize to be won for march past. The judges will judge how well you march as a team and not base on the fancy dress that your team worn during the march past. I guess that's why we were much better in sport thirty years ago compare to today. We focus on team work and togetherness, we learn to sacrifice our time just to make sure we success. I didn't see the same spirit this day.

If Malaysia wants to success again in sport whether it is track and field, hockey or football, we need to bring the joy back to the school. Change the school system a bit. Have a balance between academic and sport as the current school system focus more on academic until there is less time for the kids to enjoy sport. We also need to have proper field and court. Let's the kids know that 200m is half of the track and not one circle. Teachers also need to have proper training for the sport. In fact the whole sport thing need to be studied to ensure we are back on track.

I really hope we can bring back the glory of the old days where our badminton team rules the world, our football the best in the region, the hockey team are among the best in the world and our track team are among the best in the region. Let's bring back the glory oh Malaysian!

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