Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First family gathering of the year

We had a family gathering last Saturday night and it was held at my parents’ house in Seremban. It was a gathering of 4 generations with the youngest in the family is my grand-niece, a 4-months old Elisandra or known as Sandra. Everybody was there except my youngest sister and her husband who were away in Penang, my nephew and my niece who has prior engagement, both my sisters-in-law where one was in New Zealand on vacation and the other one has family commitment.

My sister, my niece and my grandniece

Our last family gathering was in August last year for our fathes 79-years old birthday. It was held at my sister place in Pantai Hill Park during the fasting month. After the breaking of fast and Maghrib prayer, we had a special prayer for our father. The prayer was lead by my father-in-law and the followed by cake cutting. We presented him with a digital frame and loaded all our pictures in there. He was very happy because everybody was around to celebrate his birthday.
For last Saturday gathering, it started with Maghrib prayer, which was lead by my brother-in-law and followed by special prayer for our family. It was a proud night for me too when my eldest son was asked to Qamat, which he never done before, and he aced it.

We had Nasi Briyani with Chicken Kurma, Rendang Daging and Acar mentah, but for me, I just like the plain rice, Cendawan masak lemak cili api (Mushroom cooked with cocunut milk and chilli), ikan masin(salted fish)and acar mentah. It was heaven but I didn't eat a lot as I have to control my diet. For the dessert, we have tapai ubi (fermented tapioca) and watermelon as dessert.

Since this is the first family gathering for the year, I anticipate that there will be more gathering and the next one will be at my new house in Villa Seroja, Bangi.

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