Friday, May 28, 2010

Me Vs Him

I wonder how many of you have the same character as your spouse. For me, I'm the totally opposite of my husband. Let me list down some of the differences between me and my husband.

- My husband is a planner. He plans all his activities. Me, I am a totally opposite. I do what I want to do and change as it goes.

- He reads the manual before installing any equipment. I take one look at the equipment and starts figuring it out. Encounter problem, read troubleshooting guide.

- He keeps his thing in order. Me, the messier the better. You can check my office table.

- He reads magazines. I love romance books.

- He loves action movies. I love mushy mushy movies.

- He will takes hours to decide what to buy. Me, oh I like that and just grab it . Am I a compulsive buyer?

- He is a morning person. I'm a night person. I can stay up until 2 in the morning but don't expect me to be up at 6.30 the next morning

- He will prepare checklist what to bring when traveling. Me, okay last minute will throw what I think I need to bring. That's why he will prepare the list for me. Love him for that.

- He watch documentary channel. I watch sports channel.

- He drives within the speed limit. I fly on the road.

- He said no eating or drinking in the car. Me, you hungry kids? Okay let stop at McDonald and we can eat in the car but make sure you don't spill the drink.

- He dress smartly. I dress ruggedly.

Oh.. the list can go on and on and on but I think this is enough. I guess live will be dull if both of us have the same character. What about you?

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