Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today I have time to reflect on my life. I have been living a hectic life for the past 22 years where work has been my main focus. My family has taken a back seat in my quest to be successful. But of late, I have been restless. Work is no more challenging to me. What I see is only a routine and mundane job. I guess as an Aries and a Tiger, I need a more challenging job or role. Otherwise I would lose interest in whatever I am doing.

So how do I fill up my time at office? Well, early morning after login in, I will read my mail and at the same time, I would log on to Facebook and Twitter. I will respond to those urgent mail first and also will screen through some of the status on FB and sometimes twits with those I follow. I need to juggle between work, FB and Twitter so that I would not get bored early in the morning especially if I have to read the contract. My brain will simply shut down and refuse to cooperate.

I normally becomes more productive in the afternoon around 3pm onwards. That's when I am able to focus on my work. Normally it will be reviewing documents, writing love letters (to my "partner") and completed whatever that I need to do. Since I try not to take work home, this will drag until 7pm.

I guess after 22 years working, it is time for me to change. Change to my lifestyles, my health and also my spiritual. I need to prepare myself for my next journey where only my firm believes in my religion will help me. So I should spend more time reading and learning about my religion and less on romance. Hmm that will be tough to do. I guess what I need to do is for every 2 romance books that I read, I should read one book on Islam and I should read Quran on daily basis. Insyallah, I will succeed. Amin.

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