Monday, April 26, 2010

My Life in Jakarta

I was assigned to Jakarta in year 2006 for a period of 8 months. When I left for Jakarta, my little girl, Zara, was only 3 months old and my third son, Zaki, was exactly 2 years old. I was really heart broken leaving my children behind but I have no choice.

When it was assigned, I was promised for two months only. So I sat down with my husband and told him that I have to go to Jakarta for two months. He was stunned and asked me to get another candidate to go. I told him that I have no other staff to send to Jakarta as one of manager was 7 months pregnant and the other manager was heavily involved in the billing migration project. I told him that I will come back every 3 weeks. He was quite reluctant to let me go but he has no choice. I was lucky my parents-in-law were willing to stay and help to take care of the kids.

The first month was hell for me. I missed my children especially Zaki as he was very attached to me. Everyday I will called back home and when I went home after 3 weeks, my sons surrounded me and followed me whereever I go. The next morning when my little girl woke up, she just stared at me. She might be wondering who is this lady.

By second month, I was already adapting to being single again mixing with single ladies and men. And my third month, I'm really comfortable being away from the family eventhough I still missed my kids. Why did I say comfortable? Well life was very luxury in Jakarta. I stayed at Crown Princess Hotel, I have a driver to fetch and send me home. Just take an elevator to second floor and breakfast will be served, dumped all my clothes in the laundry bag and someone will collect it, and bed will be made without asked.

By fourth month, I requested to be moved to another hotel. I told them I'm bringing my family for two weeks and I need two extra rooms. So they moved me to Aston Hotel with kitchen, two rooms and living room. Life was great. Since the room has kitchen, I tried to cook as much as possible but when you were alone, eating outside was a better choice.

In Jakarta, I joined my friends playing pool, which I last played when I was a student in US, bowling, tennis and other sport activities. The only thing that I find challenging in Jakarta is the lack of english books and the jam. Most of the novel were in Indonesian language and the cost of english books are double than in Malaysia.

Shopping is also heaven in Jakarta. First our currency is higher than Rupiah therefore I can buy more than what I can buy in KL. Secondly most of the branded items (non fake) are cheaper than in Malaysia. So I bought quite a number of clothes for my children and sarongs for me.

The best thing that I liked about being in Jakarta is no nagging, no crying, no whining and no bickering. I can get up and go to bed any time I like. Nobody disturb me at night. It was like a vacation to me where no pressure on work or life. It was totally heaven.Will I do it again if they assign me to some foreign country? The answer is YES!

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