Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sayang

Today is my husband birthday. I did not get anything special for him except cake. This is our way of celebrating our birthdays. Even for the kids, we do not hold any special birthday party for them except when they turned one year old. We had a special prayer for them and followed by birthday party.

So for my husband birthday today, I bought him a small cake and satay. So we have satay for dinner and cake for dessert. This morning, before he left for work, I casually asked him whether he wanted iphone for his birthday. He didn't say anything except he said he will called me later. FYI, he has been using the same Sony Ericsson for the past 6 years whereas I have changed phone 3 times during the same period. Not because it was faulty but I can't resists new toy.

Now it is 10.40pm and he hasn't given me any answer whether he wanted the phone. Sayang, I'm giving you until Friday, 5pm 30th April 2010 and if you want the new iphone, you better let me know asap. Other wise, I will go and buy the MacBook Pro which I have been eyeing for months.


  1. LOL!!! i want an Iphone!! my birthday is around the corner. unlike uncle, I've just changed phone too. but like u, i couldn't resist new toys! hahahaaa.... siap deadline tu!

  2. Kak Yong, you have your own abang. Please ask him to get you the phone. BTW Uncle Rosli just called and said yes he wanted the phone. There goes my MacBook Pro

  3. ami abdul rahmanJuly 2, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    so abg rosli play with the phone tak?

  4. Definitely. Nobody can touch the phone!Hahahaha