Friday, April 16, 2010

How do I rate my day yesterday - Productive, Wasteful or ??

Yesterday, I was feeling sluggish. My mind and body was really tired. Not because of the birthday party that we had a night before but I guess I have been feeling tired for few weeks already.

What when wrong, I'm not sure. Maybe, I didn't get enough sleep at night. I have a habit of getting up after 4 hours of sleeping and it will take me sometimes to get back to sleep again. So yesterday, I was sort of not able to focus on work and also on writing. I tried to blog about my birthday party but my mind just sort of blank. Not cooperative at all.

I had meeting with IBM together with my boss and colleagues in the afternoon but since my mind was tired, I was yawning away in the meeting. My boss looked at me as if she wanted to eat me alive. But what can I do. I'm simply too tired. To keep me awake, I logged on to twitter and also facebook and follow the conversation or any interesting update on both sides.

I was grateful when the meeting ended at 3.40pm and did I go back to Plaza Sentral? Nope. I stayed in MM and do my work from there. Not real work but just read email, surf the internet here and there just to kill time. At 5pm, texted my friend whether she wanted to go for tea. She replied that she still in meeting but she wanted to go for tea as both of us are hungry. We only had sandwiches for lunch.

So we went to Aseana Cafe and we ordered teh tarik with Goreng Pisang ala Bali, Vietnamese Spring Roll and Keropok Lekor. Hmmm yummy! It was very relaxing time for me as we chatted other staff except work. We move from one topic to others and the best topics was on Tanda-Tanda Akhir Zaman. We were at Aseana until 6.30pm and we parted for the day.

Even though I had a good time with my friend, my body was still tired and by the time I reached home I was totally wiped out but my kids have other agenda for me. My girl refused go to Quran reading class if I didn't send her. Since I don't want her to miss the class, I walked with her 10 doors away from my house. After the class, I still didn't get to rest coz by then, I have to run thru with my sons their homeworks. By the time they went to bed, I was still up and busy doing my Income Tax. I only went to bed at 11pm but instead of sleeping, I read Karen Hawkin's book. The book keep me awake until 1am in the morning.

I know that this morning I will still feel tired and it is true enough. I am tired. I guess it is time I should plan for my next vacation. Where to? Europe or New Zealand? Hmmm.....

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