Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Obsession with E-Book

Initially I don't like e-books but I changed my mind after I read the review on the ebooks. It is kind of neat where you don't need to carry the physical book around you anymore. So after being convinced that e-book is the way to go, I happily check the top brand, Kindle, whether it is available here in Malaysia. To my disappointment, it is not available here nor in Singapore but you can get Kindle in Thailand and Philippine. I'm not sure what so special about Malaysia and Singapore that Kindle is not available here. Since I have my office mate from US,I asked him whether he can get Kindle for me when he goes back to US for his home leave. Being a gentleman as always, he said no problem. I was happy thinking that I can finally get Kindle but when I further checked from the Amazon websites, I found out that I can't even purchase ebooks. So Kindle is out. :(

Next I checked on Nook, same thing, I can't purchase it unless I resides in US. What a policy! Did I give up? NO! I keep on doing my research and after weeks of looking, searching and googling the internet, I found out that KOBO can run on my iphone and there is no problem purchasing ebooks from KOBO. Eventhough it doesn't carry a large selection likes Amazon, it still has some of the books that I wanted to buy. I guess for time being it is enough for me until Kindle or any ereader is made available here.

You might ask, what about iPad since I have KOBO running on my iphone? Well, iPad can be one of the option but if I'm going to own iPad, I want to make sure that I can purchase songs, movies and ebooks from iTunes. Currently iTunes doesn't allow me to purchase any of that from them so until they change the policy, iPad will not be in my list.

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