Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My First Entry

WoW! I finally has a blog. Been thinking about having blog for a year after the completion of the outsourcing program but did not have time to do it. It doesn't mean that I have time now but at least I have a channel to write what I want to write.

Well, will I update my blog daily. Not sure I will have time but I will try to do it regularly. Whenever there is intersting things happening around me, I would blog about it. For today, let's blog about my birthday.

My birthday was last Monday 12th April. On this special day, I celebrated it with my third son who was born on my birthday. He is now six and instead of arriving on his due date, he decided to come 4 weeks earlier and as a result I celebrated my birthday in the labour room. Was in the labour room at 3am in the morning but he decided to make his entrance to the world at 3.59pm. That was 12 hours of pain. So I feel very lucky that my son will continue to celebrate my birthday every time he celebrate his birthday.

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