Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Birthday and Sisters

I had a good birthday celebrations with my sisters even though it was a week late. It is difficult to get everyone together as we have our own family and life. Where do we celebrate my birthday? We went to Red Box at Pavillion. My sister, Zura, proposed that we have karoake and followed by dinner but we decided that we will have our dinner at Red Box itself.

The party start at 4.30pm. I took half day off from work to enjoy this occassion. The day started when I picked up my eldest sister, Norlia, from Zura's office at 3pm. She travelled all the way from Seremban to be with us and I'm so proud that she made it. Instead of going to Pavillion, I went to KLCC Suria and purchased two books by Karen Hawkins and Lisa Kleypas and also a Quicksilver backpack for my eldest son first.

At 3.40pm, I went to pick up my sister Zura at her office and together we went to Pavillion where another sister of mine, Ami was waiting for us. So after making some arrangement, we were given room #22 and the fun started.

My eldest sister has never been to Karaoke before and for me, I never been to Red Box but has been to other Karaoke outlet. So it takes time to warm out since we have never sing together before. After making the song selection, our fun and karaoke session started. At first we just bulldozed the song. Pitchy here and there and out of tune at times but who cares. It's only us and there are no Simon, Randi to critize us. So eventhough Along has not been to Karaoke, she can sing. She said she had entered talent time contest during her school day and sang to Zura and Arda when they were babies. WoW, never knew that.

For Ami, she is the muscially incline in the family. She can play guitar and singing comes naturally to her. Zura must has been going to Karaoke quite regularly as her singing was quite natural in there. For me, I'm not the musically talented but I love music. What kind of music that I like? Well normally rock, blues, country, pop and not much sentimental. Along made a comment that she doesn't know that I'm a rocker coz to her, she only know me as someone into sports and books.

Since I'm rock incline, most of the songs I chose was rocked based such as Queen, Eagle, Beatles and anything that can be danced to. I'm also not much into Malay song so most of the Malay song that was chosen I don't know much except for the oldies.

At 5.40p, my youngest sister, Arda walked in and brought us flowers. That was so sweet of her. I was more surprised because she can really sing and her songs are mainly Sheila Majid's song which are jazzy. She also knows oldies such as Carpenters song which some of us don't know the melody. To make it more unbelievable, those songs are not from her era. She is only 30-plus whereas the rest of us are in 40's and my eldest in the 50's. I really salute her for that.

Our party ended at 9pm where we did another encore of Mama Mia and Dancing Queen. It was fun night and we have fun. We agreed that we should do it again for the next birthday do - for Ami in May.

To my sisters, I love you and thank you.