Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Saturday

It’s only one week and I kind of lost track of days. For past three days, I thought it was Saturday.  Three days ago, I went to hospital thinking it was Friday and when the nurse told me it was Wednesday, it took sometimes for me to register it is not Friday yet. I’m afraid that by end of January, I might totally forget the day and date.

Today, I know it Saturday because my hubby told me yesterday that we are going to IKEA. Hmmmm….. IKEA is the place where I try not to go there.  My hubby can be in IKEA for hours.  He simply loves the place.

He wanted to get a new bookshelf. I just don’t understand how many bookshelves that he wants. We already have a few. Let me count…  one in the family area, one in Syafiq’s room, one in Zara’s room, one big one in the family area and one in the guess room. So all in all there are five bookshelves.

My hubby said that the new one is meant for Zaki and Amir. It is not purely for books only, but also for Amir’s tools and whatever he created.  I agreed with his reasoning so off we went to IKEA after our breakfast. We wanted to beat the crowd, and we managed to that.

I didn’t follow him circling IKEA. I waited for him outside the cafeteria but I didn’t eat anything. I had roti canai for my breakfast at Islamic Kitchen, so I was still full. He said he would be fast, and while waiting for him, I watched people passing by. Interesting observation!

True to his word, I didn’t wait that long. Within 30 minutes, he has made the selection.  I thought that we will go straight to the racks to collect the shelves, but he has other plans. He detoured and started to buy plants, pots and container. Hmmm…. Sabar aje lah…

By the time we left IKEA, it was almost twelve and the kids tuition will start at two-thirty. So, there is not enough time to get the Sg Besi Nasi Ayam. Instead, we swinged to  Mac Donald next to the old Mint Hotel. I can’t remember the hotel new name. Actually, McD is no more my favorite. Dah bosan!

My hubby started to assemble the shelf after the tutors went back, and he managed to get it up by nine-thirty.  It was quite sometimes since he assembles anything. Haha,…. The next project is to get my hubby to assemble the coffee table that has been in the storeroom for more than a year.  I really hope that he will get the coffee table assemble.

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