Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gonna Miss Them

Who will I miss most now that I’m no more the resident of the level six? Will it be my boss? Nah… he is just one of the guys.

What about my team? Yeah… I will surely miss them.. They are a bunch of good girls. Let see who they are.

Suja, my sidekick, who has been with me through thick and thin, who together swim, drown and float with me during the early days of outsourcing, who struggled together to understand those $$ signed and making a sensible report out of it.

Yeah…I have to say that our relationship is not only as a boss and staff but also as a friend. Sitting next to each other gave us lots of opportunity to gossip, and one thing that I’m going to miss most is teasing her.

Emma, Inez, and Julia are the other three ladies who I’m gonna miss too. Haha…they must be relieved now. No more tapauing for Zai. Actually, these young girls are my teachers. Whenever there are new jargons, they will be my reference point. Occasionally, they are my partners to discuss on the novels that we shared.

I’m gonna miss Kit, or sometimes when I’m in a teasing mood, I called him Kit Kat. He is the tallest guy on the sixth floor. There were a lot of things that we shared, mostly like kakak and adik. Whenever something bothers him, he will squat down between Suja and me. I knew then that he had something on his mind. We are basically a team. We can gang up and tease Inez and Suja at a click of our fingers. Same wavelengths when it comes to teasing. Ohhhh… how I’m gonna miss those moments.

I’m gonna miss the rest of the CCG teams too. Chris and his finance team are the busiest team. Always huddled together to look at the figure, and if not lucky all three will be sitting around the big boss table.

The contract team, Daniel, Anne and Ivan, is the quietest among the three groups. They daily activities are to read through the contracts or deals with things pertaining to contracts. They will sit and stared at the contracts and will only get up whenever there is something to discuss.

The noisiest team among the three is my team. Sourcing team or Girl Power, where we deal with vendors for quotation and other related sourcing activities. Haha there were times you can hear Inez screaming and shouting at someone over the phone. Hope she will tone down later. Don’t want her stress level to go up.

Others that I’m gonna miss is Mei Khuen and Wan. They are my basically my lunch buddies whenever my BFF not around or whenever times permit. I’m gonna miss our lunch at the break out area where we shared one story after another.

But one person that I’m going to miss most is Yati, My BFF. We shared a lot and discussed our life, our faith, our kids, hubbies, and families and of course about works. With Yati, it will always be a serious discussion, looking for some solution or advise. Our friendships will not stop here. We can always interact through phones and other media.

Also, I’m going to miss the people on the sixth and fifth floor. Even though I do not have any close interaction with some of them, but the spirit as one ISD is there. You have shown it during the teambuilding. Keep up the spirit and raise to challenge, my fellow ISDians…

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