Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tale of Land of No Name - Final Episode

More and more people are coming to the land of no names. The older citizen of Land of no Names felt that they were not wanted anymore. Even though they felt that way, they continued to do their chores and works without complaint.

One day, there was news blowing across the land of no names that the powerful king is planning to take over the Land of no Names.

“Did you heard the news, John?” asked Matthew as they were walking towards the field.

“What news?”

“That the Northern King is coming to take over the land?”


“Yes and it going to impact us big time John.”

“What do you mean?”

“The new king said the land has more people than what it can offer.”


“So there will be some people who will ask to go.”

“Go? Go where?” asked John. He looked worried.

“I don’t know. They will simply choose the one they don’t want and out you go.”

“Hmmm… you are pulling my leg, right Matthew?” John stopped walking.

Matthew just shook his head and continued to walk towards his house. John quickened his steps to join Matthew. Suddenly Matthew stopped and turned his body to look at his corn fields. The vast field was his property, and he didn’t want to leave the field.

“What if the king chooses me?” He mumbled.

“I don’t want to leave,” he shouted and quickly turned and walked to his house.

John was surprised to see Matthew’s behavior.
“Aahhh… don’t tell me that the rumor is true?” said John softly.

Now he’s worried. He also didn’t want to leave this place, the place where he learned his trade, the place where he met his wife, the place where his children grew up.

He walked to his slowly, thinking about what to do if the new is right. He needed to have plans if the king asked him to leave. Upon reaching his house, John quickly called his wife.

“Sarah honey! Sarah!” John walked to the kitchen where he normally found his wife.

“Oh dear! Sorry.... didn’t here you

Sarah quickly went to get John a glass of water. John who was sitting at the dining table quickly drank the water.

“Thanks honey.”

“What’s up dear? You looked worried.”

“Hmm… Matthew told me that there’s a rumor going around that the land will be taken over by a new king. More people will have to leave the land.”

“What are we going to do John?”

“We need to plan, Sarah. We need to make sure that we have something that we can use when we leave the land.”

“What about the land, John? This is our forefather’s lands. It has so many memories.” Sarah wanted to cry.

“Sarah, this is just a rumor. Let’s think of our plan and execute it if it happens.”  Sarah nodded her head in agreement to what John’s said.

Somewhere in Matthew’s house, the house was noisy. As usual his young kids were in the house playing. Matthew sat at the chair in the living room, looking outside through the window. He sighed, thinking his future. He didn’t want to leave.

While he was watching the fields, Jane came out from the kitchen with a glass of water. She stopped when she saw Matthew was not his self. ‘What happenedwondered Jane.

“Hi honey!” Jane greeted Matthew cheerful and gave Matthew a kiss on his cheek.

“Hi!’ he replied softly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just tired.”

“Hmm… Why don’t you rest first before dinner? It will be ready in twenty minutes.” Jane rubbed Matthew’s shoulder. Matthew nodded.

“Kids,” called Jane, “quiet, please. Daddy’s tired and need some rest.”

Jane went to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. Matthew continued to look outside thinking about his future.

Few months later, the rumors became true. One district after another has been asked to select who should be asked to leave the congested and overpopulated Land of No Names. Matthew and John were worried that they would be selected.

“I don’t want to go, John.”

“Ha? You don’t want to go?”

“No. I love this place, and I don’t think I can be apart from it.”

“Matthew, if you are selected you have no choice. You have to go. They will be paying you and you can start a new life outside this Land of No Name.”

“Do you want to go John? Really going?” Matthew asked.

“I am ready Matthew. I have made plans with Sarah what we going to do and where?”

Matthew was shocked to hear that John has planned. He never knew that John and Sarah, their good neighbor, has some planned if they selected.

“It is not too late to start thinking what you want to do,” said John softly to Matthew.

Matthew nodded and quickly went back to see Jane. He knew that he needed to discuss with Jane on their future. Upon reaching his home, he stopped at the door. Slowly he raised his hand and twisted the knob, at the same time thinking on his plan.

He went to the kitchen where Jane usually was. Slowly he walked to Jane. Jane, who was very engrossed in kneading the flour, was shocked to see Matthew. Normally, Matthew would still be at the field.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Hmm… Did you hear anything about people was asked to leave Land of No Name?” asked Matthew.
“Yup I did. Why?” asked Jane.

“What if, we are selected to be the one?”

“Oh… just pack our things and go.”

“Go where and what to do?”

“Matt, I knew you are worried about this. I have already contacted my sister in the North. Her husband has a mill, and if we want to, we can join them.”

Matthew’s spirit went up. At least his wife has some planned, and now he can breathe easily.

“Thank you dear” Matthew gave his wife a kiss.
As Matthew came out from his house, he heard someone called his name. He turned and saw Gabriel.
“What’s up, Gab?”
“Hmm… I heard there’s a rumor.”
“What rumor?”
“The one that anyone of us can be asked to leave this place.”
Matthew nodded.
“I’m scared. I’m not ready Matt.”
“Pray that you are not selected.” Matthew turned toward the field.
Gabriel sighed.
“Gab, one more thing. Start planning for other thing if you are selected,” shouted Matthew.

Two weeks later, the King called them to the castle. John, Matthew, Richard, and Thomas were called. All four knew that they were the selected one.

“Dear all,” said the king, “You knew why I called you here, right?”

"Yes said John. The rest nodded.

“The new ruler wanted the piece of your lands. They wanted to build a new castle for the king. You will be paid for the lands.”

“How much, sir?” asked Thomas.

“A lot. Will a pouch of gold coins enough?” He showed a medium size of pouch that has been filled with money.

The king asked his general to hand the pouch to the four of them. There were names written on the pouch. The four opened the pouch and smiled. It was more than enough to last for few generations.

“Thank you sir,” the four said at once.

“Oh ya… you have, until the end of the month to move out.”
The king reminded them.

They rushed home and told their wives. Everyone was happy. Who have thought that their land would purchase such a fortune? But they didn’t know that each of them received different amount. It depends on the size and location of their land, but whatever it is, it is more than enough.

Gabriel upon hearing that Matthew and John were selected was relieved. His name was not mentioned, and he could continue with his life. Gabriel went to see Matthew.
“Matt, I heard the news.”
“Yup Gabriel. I was selected, but I’m very happy. It gave me an opportunity for me to do other things.”
“You are not sad, Matt.”
“I am, but life has to go on,” said Matthew with a satisfied and happy grin.
“All the best mate.”
“You too.”
Finally, the time has come. Everything that they wanted has been loaded into the wagon. The kids and the wives had said goodbye. Matthew and John for the last time stood together looking at the fields which they have been doing since they were small.

“I’m going to miss this place,” John said softly.

“Me too. There are too many memories.”

“Yup. Matt, did you remember when we first played in the corn fields?”

“Hmm… when we couldn’t find our way home where our parents and the neighbors have to help to look for us.” Matthew laughed.

They stood there reminiscing the old days remembering all the important events that happened to them. They were silent. No words could describe how the felt. For the last time, they looked at the place knowing that, it won’t be there anymore. Their houses and fields would be replaced by big castles.

Sara and Jane, who watched from the wagon, walked to their husband. They stood beside their husbands. Holding hands and saying goodbye to the place that has served them.

Good bye, but forever you will stay in my hearts.”

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