Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When I Saw an Old Picture of my Crush....

 Whoaa….. I saw a picture of my crush few weeks back, and it was an old picture. The picture was taken somewhere in the early 80’s, and it was taken in ITM or now famously known as UiTM.

You might be wondering how on earth I managed to get hold of this picture. Well someone from my batch were kind enough to upload his collection of pictures during his college days.

I was looking through the picture one by one when this particular picture and one particular person caught my eyes. Caught my eyes only… Nothing extraordinary happened. My heartbeat still beat at the same pace. The only thing happened when I saw that picture was it brought back some of the memories…. Angau time I called it.

What happened to him after college? I don’t know. But I guess he must have gotten married and with few kids. Heh! Who knows, he might be a grandpa already. Hehe… I might be wrong, but didn’t that normally what people do? Graduated, get married, have kids, and the cycle goes on. Well whatever it is, I wish him all the best.

So here is the picture and you may guess which one is my crush. Haha.. Few of them tried but failed to guess it correctly. Do you want to try? Be my guess….

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