Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Getting fit again

Part of SAHM - feeding kitty
Hello! It has been a while since I update anything here. Didn't do it on purpose, but I was busy. Busy with my new life as Stay At Home Mom. Frankly speaking, all those years working in big corporate world didn’t prepare me for this kind of storm.

It has been two months of tiring world for me, and I am still adjusting to the new role. Well if it took three months for me to be confirmed when I was working so I guess I need that one more month to be confirmed that I am fit to be SAHM.

Ha..ha.. ha… whether I’m fit or not I will be stuck with this new role. Well not everything is bad in this new role. There are good and bad thingsmore good things than bad actually

Ah.. enough of my boring stories as SAHM. So what else have I been working on besides SAHM?

Well, working on my health. Well it was always my priority to get myself fit again. Years of neglect and abuse on my body did take a toll on my health. I was basically having big mobility issues last two years and guess what, the two months that I stayed at home has improved my health a lot. Especially to my mobility.

Last weekend, after months of avoiding going shopping I went to Alamanda. Heh! I walked for quite a distance before my back started to get cramps. It was basically walking, stopping, sitting and walking again for me. I was happy with that progress as previously I could only walk for 50-100m before my back started cramping and causing the whole body stiff.

And on Sunday, I went to Kajang Metro. This time shopping for printer. I was without printer for almost a year, and finally after putting off buying it for a few months, I finally get a Canon printer. Good enough to cater for my current needs.

Ha..ha..ha…..again, the same technique was applied as I was in Alamanda, but this time, I covered quite a distance before I need to rest and sit. That was an achievement, right? Yes, indeed!

But I have to pay for the price of overdoing this. My knee suddenly gets locked up, and I had a problem to stands for a while. Luckily I have the cooling pad that the moment I reached home, I applied it over my throbbing knee. It helps, but the soreness is still there.

And today, I feel much better. And I plan to do nothing for today…I need to give my knee some more rest. And also I’m going to cook curry – not chicken but crab… Wanna join me for dinner tonight?

Hahahaha....Okay..... got to go, and it rhyming with Let it Go which I’m listening to now… Chiao…

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