Saturday, March 31, 2012

He is ready to fly.

Whoaaa… I miss my blog. I wanted to write these past few weeks, but I was so tired. My day job drained me out by the time I reached home. Phew!! Luckily today I decided to stay at home, but tomorrow I will be going with my son to JOM MASUK U at Mines Exhibition Center.

Thirty years ago, I don’t have to go to all this exhibitions to choose the University. There was not many to choose from anyway, but today, there are so many private university out there offering so many courses.

My son has decided to do Computer Science. Heh! He is following his mom footsteps. I didn’t really encourage him or convince him to pursue his study in computer science.  He wanted it. I pray that he got to do what he wanted to do.

Last week, we went to Uitm. It was where I studied thirty years ago, but I was doing Statistic then. When I further my studies than only I changed to computer science.

The Uitm campus has changed a lot from the last time I was there. The Computer Science and Mathematics department used to be at the main building. If I not mistaken, it was on the fifth and sixth floor, but today they have their own building. Big building. The Computer Science department in the main campus in Shah Alam is only for undergraduate students. For diplomas students, they will be at the branches.

The exhibition at the Uitm attracted a lot of visitors. Almost all eligible school leavers who are qualified to apply to Uitm were there. Since we went on the second day, the crowd was lesser, and we didn’t have to queue that long.

The organizer did a good job. The prospective students were first asked to check whether they are qualified to apply. They keyed in their results and then a report would be produce to indicate which courses they could apply. Alhamdulillah my son can apply most of the courses offered.

Among those, he qualified was Diploma in Building Management and also Architecture. I tried to encourage him to take this up, but he was so focus to do Computer Science.
By the way, that was what his dad studied.

I really hope my son will get the offer from the IPTA, but if he doesn't, I have no choice but to enrol him in the private university. We have checked few universities, and we have narrow down the one we interested in. One of the Universities is quite near to my house.  I told my son that I would have save a lot of money if he studied there. He can stay at home and commute to the college.

But he has other idea. He wanted to be independent and be on his own. Heh! If he does leave the house and stays outside, we will miss him. His younger sister will be the one most affected. Currently, he would wait with Zara for her school bus, and at night, he would kiss his sister before she goes to bed.

For me, I will also miss him as I rely on him a lot. But that’s the reality. I have to let him go and be independent. Insya Allah he will be a good son who will not forget what we have taught him.

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