Thursday, March 1, 2012

Belated Birthday Celebration

Maryam helped to blow the candles
Amir turned 12 on 20th Feb, and we had a small gathering at home. There was only cake and no gifts. He made a comment that Zara received quite a number of gifts, but not him.

Well, actually he has been asking for pen drive for weeks before his birthday, so the next day after his birthday, I went and got him a pen drive for him. He was happy because now he can keep all his favorite Korean song in the pen drive.

Since my mom had her ‘kenduri’ on Sunday, I decided to give him a surprised birthday party. I asked my youngest sister, Arda, to buy the cake for him, any cake except chocolate cake. He doesn’t like chocolate cake.

I also asked my sister, to include Zara’s name on the cake too, even though her birthday was on 15th Jan. After my mom’s guests had left, we had the celebration. All the kids were playing in one of the rooms, and they were not aware that we going to have the birthday celebration.

The kids were asked to get out from the room, and to sit in the living room quietly. Everybody came out, looking unhappy. When my sister brought the cake out, and we started to sing Happy Birthday, the kids were surprised.

Amir looked shy, while Zara looked surprised, but the happiest person was Mikhail, or Mika who rushed from outside and wanted to blow the candles. He was stopped right before he could blow the candles.

After Amir and Zara have blown the candle and cut the cake, we lighted the candles again for Mika and Maryam to blow and cut the cake. Amir received a B2ST or Beast CD and DVD, and Zara got a jigsaw puzzle. Another person who received a gift was Zaki. The king of K-Pop was given a U-Kiss CD. The three of them were very happy to receive their gift.

Were the aunties expected them to learn the new dance steps from the two CDs? I hope not, because Amir is sitting for his UPSR this year, and I want him to focus on his study. He can dances after the UPSR exam.

So, to all their aunties and cousins, sabar ya!....

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