Friday, April 13, 2012

It's my birthday!

My doctor's waiting room
 It's my birthday today and look at the date 12-4-12. Isn't it a special date? On this special day, I shared it with my eight year old son who happened to be born on my birthday. There's no major celebration or special dinner for us. It's another normal day in Zai's house.

But we celebrated my birthday one day earlier. Since yesterday was a holiday, my hubby went all the way to Kajang town to buy the cake, and I was surprised when I saw him coming home with the cake.

Normally I would work on my birthday, but not this time. I went shopping. I took a day off. Before that, I went to see my doctor. A new doctor that was referred to by an Orthopedic Surgeon. When I entered his clinic, I was surprised. The interior was so beautiful made that I don't mind staying longer. Unfortunately, not many patient today, so I have no chance of parking myself there longer.

After my doctor's appointment, I met up with my sister, her daughter and her husband. We went for lunch at KLCC, and after that, I went to Kinokuniya. I don't know when was the last time I was at Kinokuniya, maybe it was more than a year.

As usual, I would head up to the fiction section. I stopped and browsed through, but nothing interest me so I moved to the IT shelves. Whoa... I stopped there for almost an hour. There was so many books that I had not seen before, and after going from sub-section to another sub-section, I zoomed in between two books.

It was between getting the Photoshop book and game development for iPad. After going back and forth between these two shelves, I finally decided to buy the second book. Heh. I don't know whether I will develop anything or not, but I just wanted to know how it was done and how to do it. The knowledge might come handy later on. Who knows?

From the technology section, I went to kids section. Again I was lost in the world of books. After circling few times, I finally grabbed 2 books for Zaki, for his birthday presents and a book each for the other three. But when Zara saw one of Zaki's book, which has full of colors and pictures, she wanted that book and didn't want hers. Luckily, Zaki was in a good mood. He gave the book to Zara, but he made me promised to get him another book.

By the time I finished my shopping in Kinokuniya, my back had started to give me pain. I slowly made my way to my car. I have to abandon my plan to get Zaki his favorite K-POP CD.

I have to thanks my back for giving me some pain today, or else I would be shopping for others things too, and caused major damages to my purse. But it's my birthday, and I can do anything I want, right? Anyway, Happy Birthday to Zaki and me!

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