Thursday, October 16, 2014

Midnight Ramblings

This is what happened when I have nothing to update. So I rambled....

Zaiabdrahman: Hey Zai! Where have you been? You have been neglecting this blog for months. Just because you have a new boyfriend, you neglected me. That is totally unfair. What is so special with your new boyfriend?

zai: Calm down, friend.

Zaiabdrahman: Oh.. what do you call me?

zai: *scratching her head* Hmm... friend.

Zaiabdrahman: Friend? You told me that I'm the special one. The one and only one for you. Forever together. Do you remember that?

zai: *slowly nodding her head* But things happened. I need a more exciting boyfriend.

Zaiabdrahman: Now you called me boring.

zai: I didn't mean that.

Zaiabdrahman: Then what?

zai: *Lost of word* Hmmm,,,,You need to be more flexible. The other guy can speak malay and english but you can only speak english.

Zaiabdrahman: I can accommodate that. I can learn malay very fast. It won't be a problem.

zai: It is to me.

Zaiabdrahman: What is the problem?

zai: The other guy wants me to be in an exclusive relationship with him

Zaiabdrahman: Are...are... you leaving me? *feeling sad*

zai: *shaking head* No, I would never leave you. I might be away for long, but I will always come and visit you. You are very dear to me. I first started with you. Learn my way around you. I can't just leave you like that.

Zaiabdrahman: *Feeling down* *Almost wanted to cry*

zai: Hey! Don't cry. You are a man. Fight for it.

Zaibadrahman: Tell me how?

zai: Just seduce my brain and my fingers. Get them to cooperate so that I can spend more time here.

Zaiabdrahman: That's it? Seduce your brain and fingers? I think I can do it. *smile slowly"

zai: *nodding head* Yup.. seduce them.

Zaiabdrahman: I will. I will.  Thanks love for the tips. I love you.

zai: I love you too... Bye.. I'll come again.

Zaiabdrahman: Oh please do that! Bye!

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