Sunday, August 25, 2013

Catching Up!


Selamat Hari Raya! Eid Mubarak. Today is the 18th day of Syawal, and people are still busy celebrating the Raya, attending the open houses, For me, I have been celebrating my Raya in hospital. Not exactly from the first day, but I was in the hospital on the 9th day of Syawal.

Actually, there was a planned reunion for my UWEC mates that weekend, but on Thursday night, I was down with high fever and on Friday I was admitted to hospital. I was down with bacterial infection. Heh! I was admitted for four days and was discharged on Tuesday, the following week and I was further given MC until Friday.

I love it! Really do!  I got to catch up on my sleeps and also de-stressed myself.  It also gave me the opportunity to spend time with my kids. But what I love most was that I had lots of ‘me time’. The kids went to school in the afternoon, so basically from 1pm till 6.30pm I was totally on my own.

Haha…. I was totally selfish with my time. I spent most of my time with reading. Hehehe… I finished reading about 4 Malay novels in the hospital and mind you, they are very thick. Three of the authors are now becomes my favourite authors.

Hmm..... I need to read more Malay novels so that I would have more favourite authors. It should be balance with list of the English authors that I have,  but in order to do that I need to find a real good websites that do all the reviews. Any ideas where I can find these websites? Without any referral sites, it will be difficult for me to buy a good book.

Okay, enough about my ‘me time’ and books. On Monday I’ll be going back to work. I really hope Mr. Monday will be kind to me. No traffic jams, no urgent mails, no major issues and no stress. Hehe…. Dream on, Zai, dream on!!!!…. Yeah! I can dream, right? No one can stop me from dreaming… Dream Zai dream, and one fine day you will get what you dream for.

Okay… Got to go now… See you soon.

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